One of my favorite things to do is go to a local coffee shop. I love visiting with people and enjoying conversation with them. If I met you in a coffee shop, we would talk about anything fitness or health and wellness related. Christian ministry, and more specifically women’s ministry. We would talk about how to live as organically as possible without being that annoying granola person who is always putting a dent in the potluck party.

I am personally embarking in a brand new direction in life. I am approximately 25 years old plus shipping and handling, single, and I absolutely love my life. I have not always been so convinced that I love my life though, and recently I have made a decision to venture away from the career that I have been in for nearly the last 10 years.

You are invited to join me for coffee, as I discover the next step in life. I certainly do not know where life will take me, but I know who is leading me. My faith cannot fail when my faith is invested in the one who is Faithful to me beyond my capacity.

So, how do you take your coffee?


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